Common standards for all seniors’ care homes

Seniors in long-term care deserve the same high quality standard of care no matter whether they live in a public, non-profit or for-profit care home. 

We need to let the government know it’s time to deliver on their 2020 election promise to force all government-funded care homes including those run by for-profit operators to meet the highest provincial standards of care. 

We can help fix the staffing crisis by restoring common standards for better wages, benefits and working conditions, no matter where you work — in a public care home or a private one.

We are focusing on elected representatives who are directly involved in setting government priorities and funding them. Targeting these MLAs will ensure your email will have the greatest impact.

We have provided a sample message below. If you have time, adding a few words of your own will make your message even more powerful. Don’t wait! Act now.