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The crisis in our seniors’ care homes is getting worse.

Nine out of 10 care homes in B.C. don’t receive enough funding to meet the government’s minimum staffing guidelines. And that’s up by 10 per cent from last year.

Without enough staff, workers are stretched to the limit, seniors are left waiting, and families worry their loved ones will not get the care they need.

Please help by signing our petition for better care below.

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Demand better care for B.C. seniors: Sign our petition

Our seniors deserve better.

Join us in calling on the B.C. government to establish legislated, enforceable staffing standards that ensure safe, quality care for the elderly.

Sign our petition

I’m adding my voice to the call for better care for B.C. seniors. Like many British Columbians, I call on the B.C. government to:

  1. Immediately fund all care homes to at least the current minimum staffing guideline.
  2. Legislate and enforce a new, higher minimum staffing level for safe quality care.
  3. Hold care home operators accountable to ensure funding supports secure, stable staffing — not more profits or administration.

Yes, add my voice for better care

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