Long-term care needs a long-term fix.

For far too long, seniors in B.C.’s care homes haven’t been getting the care they deserve. The pandemic revealed that our long-term care system is fragile and under strain. Seniors and workers are paying the price.

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20 years of privatization has hurt care.

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1 in 3 long-term care facilities are for-profit businesses.

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Care standards and working conditions are inconsistent.

Frontline workers are doing their best to provide quality care.

But they can’t do it alone.

The former B.C. government cut, privatized, and reduced regulations in care homes, undermining working and caring conditions.

The result?

Not enough staff. Not enough time. Not enough care for our loved ones.

Today’s B.C. government has committed to fixing long-term care and assisted living. It’s started – by hiring more workers to make seniors’ care better.

That’s the right direction. But there’s more we can do.

It’s time to fix long-term care.

→ Make new care spaces public or non-profit – not operated by private companies.
→ Fix the staffing crisis – with common standards for better wages, benefits and working conditions, no matter where you work.
→ Stop the contracting out of care and support.
→ Force private companies to follow regulations, meet standards, and increase transparency.

Better care can’t wait.

Help turn the government’s commitment into action. Show your support for better seniors’ care.

Long-term care needs a long-term fix.