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The crisis in seniors’ care is 16 years in the making.

Nine out of 10 care homes in B.C. don’t receive enough funding to meet the government’s minimum staffing guidelines.

Without enough staff, workers are stretched to the limit, seniors are left waiting, and families worry their loved ones will not get the care they need.


Demand better care for B.C. seniors: Join our campaign


The campaign is working!

Thanks to our supporters government has announced a plan to add 1,500 frontline staff to residential homes.

It’s a positive first step that will provide some welcome relief to care staff and improve care for residents.

But the crisis in seniors’ care has been 16 years in the making. This pre-election announcement, on its own, can’t fix the care deficit.

We need to continue to push for clear accountability measures to ensure funds go to the front-line, not more profits and administration.

And we need to continue to call for measures to stop repeated contracting out in seniors’ care, where entire staff teams are fired and replaced in the process.

Having secured a down payment on staffing levels, we must now keep up the pressure to bring greater stability to the system to protect continuity of care for seniors.

Together we are making progress. Let’s keep going.


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